Diy stackable wooden crates

Gotta love that, right? That way it will be super easy for all of you to find a little inspiration to projects that are completely manageable on a budget!

Be sure to head over to pinterest and follow the board! My inspiration started with these crates from Pottery Barn :. Awesome, right? I loved how versatile they could be and how much storage they could add to my kitchen. The price on the other hand was WAY beyond our budget. Luckily we had most of the supplies on hand! Thank you for helping support our blog! We greatly appreciate it! First thing, we had to do decide on the size.

There was no way that I could make that fit on my counter top- they were too tall! To make this project as cheap as possible, we used wood that we already had on hand. Places like Home Depot and Lowes have an entire section dedicated to pre- cut strips just waiting to be used. We had to cut off the tongue and groove part. Once we had all the pieces cut, we started cutting the wood blocks for the frame. We cut enough for 2 crates, so 16 pieces total.

With the first strip in place, we used clamps to keep them on the table, put the spacers in place and nailed the second strip to the leg. We did the same thing to the other side of the crate.

diy stackable wooden crates

Once we had the first crate done, I decided it was too tall. With the table saw, we cut the legs off to 3 inches showing on the bottom of the crate. Next, we started installing the base of the crate. We measured the inside of the legs on each side of the crate and wedged the block between each leg.There is nothing that I love more than gardening in the summer.

I try to plant a larger garden every year and while I do love canning some of my produce to preserve it, I also love serving fresh fruits and veggies from my garden all summer long.

Wooden Crates

This means of course, that I need a good produce storage solution to keep that produce fresh for as long as possible. Until now, I had merely been storing it on the kitchen counter whenever I brought it in from the garden. Recently though, I have been looking at better ways to store my produce, and this includes things that I buy from the grocery store too, like bananas and oranges. I started looking and found 20 creative DIY produce storage solutions that will help to organize that produce and keep it fresh.

26 Brilliant DIY Wood Crate Projects: Repurposing with Function and Flare

These range from DIY hanging baskets to actual produce bins that look just like the ones in department stores — only they are a lot cheaper to DIY. Whether you plant a lot of fruits and vegetables or you just want something to keep your store bought produce fresh, these DIY produce storage solutions are perfect. All of them are really easy to make and many of them can be done with recycled or reused materials.

If you love gardening as much as I do, you are going to adore these ideas for keeping your produce fresh, and many of these would make wonderful gifts. If you know someone who loves gardening, be sure to check out my 20 unique DIY gifts for gardenerstoo. You can buy a hanging fruit basket, but where is the fun in that? You can make this DIY version a lot cheaper and this is a really simple project. You just need a wire basket and some rope — and you could totally turn this into a tiered hanging basket so that you have a space for your apples, bananas and oranges all at the same time.

You could even use this for onions or small amounts of potatoes. Tutorial: homedit. If you plant enough potatoes to last you all year long, you definitely need a dedicated space to store those potatoes. These are made from plastic barrels or buckets and a few boards to create the stand. This will come in handy whether you plant a garden full of potatoes or you grow them in potato towers, bins and containers.

I love a good rustic farmhouse DIY project and this pallet and chicken wire produce bin certainly qualifies. Instead, just make this one yourself. It has three separate bins so you can store potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes or garlic in it and it is really simple to make.

Tutorial: ana-white. You can build your own DIY wood crates and then stack those crates to hold all of your produce.

Have separate stacks for fruits and veggies. These are so simple to build and making your own is much cheaper than buying them in the stores. You can also put wheels on all of them or the bottom ones to make moving them around much easier. Tutorial: motherearthnews.A common problem in modern homes is a lack of storage because closets get stuffed, mud rooms show hard to use, and kitchen counters get cluttered.

diy stackable wooden crates

It can take some serious storage solutions to get organized, but store-bought units can be expensive and plain looking. With a little creativity and some DIY know-how and without breaking the bank, you can calm the clutter beautifully. Wooden crates are functional, inexpensive and multi-purpose and they can be sanded or left rough and either painted or stained to create endless decorating possibilities.

Use adhesive to add decorate paper embellishments, the careful use of construction adhesive can fix tile to the top of wood crate tables. You can add wheels, fixed legs, or let the crates stand on their own. Vintage soda and milk crates make wonderful conversation pieces. You can put together several of these pieces in a single weekend and add functionality to even the smallest of spaces. From the smallest of shelves to wall-filling shelving units, wooden crates are a great way to decorate on a dime.

If you need extra storage virtually anywhere in your home, an easy crate cabinet is a perfect way to store a multitude of items. It is easy to build and you can paint it to match the color of any room. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, you are probably in need of extra storage. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to add extra storage space to your bathroom is to use these crates to hang floating shelves.

These DIY wood crate shelves can give you extra space for your towels and toiletries without taking up valuable counter and cabinet space.

These DIY wood crate shelves can help to organize and separate supplies so that everything is easy to find and easily accessible. To make your living room a little funkier while also keeping it rustic, go with these vegetable crates turned on their sides to make a fun and functional end table.

This end table is easy to construct and paint, and it will give you some added storage for your living area. Make a couple for either end of your sofa.

diy stackable wooden crates

These DIY wood crate shelves lockers are perfect if you need closed storage space. The metal numbers add an industrial look and you can choose numbers that are important to you and your family for a personal touch.

You can insert shelves and baskets to help you organize items inside. This stacked crate bookcase is so simple to build. It takes only some staining or painting and then you nail the crates together.

The finished product gives you a rustic bookcase that you can use both indoors and outdoors.

DIY Dog Crates: How to Build Your Hound’s Home!

This bookcase looks great with books and other decorative items but would look just as great outdoors as storage for potted plants. To add some quaint cuteness to your kitchen, this DIY produce stand is a wonderful addition and can be painted in an accent color to match your style.

Not only is this a decorative way to store fruits and vegetables, it gives your family easy access to the fruits and veggies you buy, encouraging your kids to eat healthier. If you are looking for wine storage in your kitchen, this wine cart made with DIY wood crate shelves featuring wine crates is a fun way to organize your wine.

Wine crates are inexpensive and a beautiful design element that can also be used for other items in your kitchen, such as cookbooks. You may feel that the corners in your house are wasted space, whether in the living room, bedrooms or bathrooms. These slim DIY wood crate shelves can be stacked to almost any height to give functional storage to any corner.

These shelves are simple to construct and can you help organize your extra items. If you are going for a truly rustic look, consider mixing reclaimed wood with simple wooden crates to make a shelving unit for your living room or bedroom.I built this book storage unit entirely out of scrap wood using plans I created! Usually, I follow We have only cement and a pool in our backyard, and wished we had some of our fave herbs.

I was given an old double bed headboard and footboard that a friend had put behind her shed 5 or When I think of a piece of office furniture that rarely looks pretty, I immediately think of the If you're in need of storage but don't want to go out and buy a cheap, plastic cabinet or drop a After completing a large and expensive bookcase project, we needed some custom storage crates to By using a wooden crate and adding some wheels, I was able to create some easy storage in our I found a damaged lamp shade and yoga mat at a garage sale and was inspired to use the yoga mat to Whether you are Make a Patio Coffee Table that can also be a party beverage tub.

I was working on decorating my We love our animals as we should! Here is a cute way to create a fun home decor piece based on Want to give some baskets a farmhouse shabby look? Transform any basket using only chalk paint and Short on time but full of creativity? This mop pour painting technique is perfect for you! It only I thought it was really cute but I love it when a friend picks up a piece of furniture from someone because she is confident that you I thought it was the I believe most of us can say that we have shopped at IKEA, and most have hacked a piece or two.

Even though this was a small project, the transformation was a big one!! I just love how these spiceDIY wood crate projects offer endless possibilities for upcycling and repurposing. They are an inexpensive, versatile medium for you to add functionality to your home with a personal touch.

You can find simple instructions and tutorials to turn crates into furniture, such as bookcases, tables and benches, or storage solutions, like toy boxes and stools. There are many inventive ways to turn them into wine racks or shelving. DIY wood crates can be customized to fit your design style—from modern to shabby chic to rustic. The wood is easy to stain, paint or decoupage. Vintage crates can be preserved and sealed for an eclectic addition to your space.

An added benefit of DIY crate projects is that they can be done quickly for a low cost. Wood pallets are frequently offered for free over the Internet, particularly on sites like Craigslist.

You can also ask local grocery stores, liquor stores, warehouse stores and home improvement stores for crates or pallets for free. You may even have some around your house. See some of our favorite DIY wood crate projects below! DIY Project Details: myanythingandeverything. No need to sigh for that out of reach industrial living room table any longer. With a few tools, you can create this rustic DIY coffee table that has a charming farmhouse flair without the hefty price tag.

Its castor wheels give it that industrial look that is so popular in stores like Arhaus and Pottery Barn. The dark stain disguises these inexpensive wooden storage boxes, and gives this piece a fabulous patina.

The clever design with a recessed center panel lends itself well to seasonal decorations, from a springtime orchid, to a miniature Christmas tree or even a bowl of scented pine cones.

DIY Project Details: hometalk. Decorate your home with this wooden storage crate bench and watch your friends grow green with envy at your creative talent. Perfect for storing boots, shoes, books and bags, the list of uses for this bench is endless!

Imagine filling it with chic baskets to tidy up a play room. Organize that mud room or awkward foyer with this cheery rustic bench. The red wash on these storage crates is easy to apply, and really enhances their farmhouse appeal. Coupled with a few extra boards and some industrial looking bolts, this design is easy to execute, but rates high on appearance and creativity.UPDATE: We've been using these vegetable storage crates for a few months and feel like there is not enough space between the two bins when stacked.

A very easy update is to notch the top front slat down with a jigsaw or just not add at all. Also, we've had quite a few people comment that they can't find wood lath, you can use regular 1x2s instead. Please do take the time to brag or share your projects when you build.

It is very inspiring and helpful when you do! There's quite a bit of cutting in this project, so having a easy way to cut helps save a ton of time. With everything cut, I started building by making the two ends. I used the Kreg Jig and screws since this is the main support piece. Produce can get heavy! I just attached the bottom supports to the two legs. For the bottom slats, you just need to set them inside the crate. This creates nice air flow to keep your fruits and veggies longer.

No finish required, since I wanted the wood to be food safe you could add an oil finish used for cutting boards, like boiled linseed oil. They fit together perfectly! TIP: If you have trouble with them stacking, consider sanding the legs down. I couldn't wait to fill them with beautiful fruits and veggies! For some added charm I decided to make chalk labels.

Stackable Pallet Crates

Depending on how many stacking crates you want, you need to multiply by that number. Please read through the entire plan and all comments before beginning this project.

It is also advisable to review the Getting Started Section. Take all necessary precautions to build safely and smartly.People collect wooden crates by salvaging them or by buying them for next-to-nothing at a craft store.

Either way, there are numerous ways you can transform these crates beyond their intended use. You might have a farmhouse aesthetic and want to use crates as a means of storage, or maybe you love modern or European styles and want to incorporate unfinished, new crates into your home design.

Wooden crates can even take on a very industrial feel. No matter your design taste, there's sure to be an idea that will inspire a bright new home addition. Simple Farmhouse Bench from Life Storage. Making a rolling cart out of wooden crates is as easy as adjoining two crates then adding casters. The way to set your crate cart stand apart is by how you style it. This workstation serves to hold a printer and some books, so it is highly functional. It is kept unfinished and styled with minimal gold accessories and gold casters for a very chic and modern look.

This DIY project may not be for the novice crafter, but it certainly makes for an incredible looking storage locker. The look of this unit is very farmhouse inspired. If you want to take some elements from this locker without fully completing it, consider mixing darker wood, white paint, and outlined lettering to keep your crate project looking like something out of HGTV's "Fixer Upper.

There are so many ways to make an end table from a wooden crate, but this is an exquisite design. The piping detail along the top makes the piece look custom and not like something a weekend warrior just threw together. This particular shelving idea helps to add storage space in a small bathroom.

Just be sure that the wooden crates are anchored to the wall in any shelving project so they don't come toppling over. This outdoor bar goes to show just how versatile wooden crates can be. You might have to drive away from the craft store with a car completely filled to the brim with crates, but it will be worth it.

You may have seen this crate coffee table before, but it is a tried-and-true DIY for any traditional home. Though the basic table design might be the same, the way you finish the crate says a lot about your design style.

You can stain the table like you see here, paint multiple colors, or stick with the unfinished look for a Scandinavian feel. Crate Coffee Table from Anything and Everything. Remember when you read that a little whimsy can go a long way? That's exactly how this DIY goes from boring to fantastical. Match contact paper and paint to your child's room.

A solo crate can be a great design tool when setting up a seasonal vignette for your front porch. Use the crate to add necessary height and interest to rustic style decor, as you see here on this spring porch tour. Spring Front Porch from Cottage in the Oaks. Find a smaller, more narrow wooden crate to use as a centerpiece on your dining table. Wooden crates make great organization tools, especially if the sides are completely encased in wood.

Stain the boxes a rustic color and add chalkboard labels to add style to a space that otherwise would have had none. Laundry Room Organization from Imperfect Homemaking.

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